November 05, 2009

“Pato” Cabrera’s Friend

Charly Epps, an American who loves Córdoba, is more than Cabrera’s teacher. He has been working with Cabrera since March 2004.

He came to Argentina in 1954, and after two years in Buenos Aires, he moved to Villa Allende, three blocks away from the Golf Club. “My father used to work for IKA Renault and because of his job; we all had to move to Villa Allende. “I consider myself an American-born person but my heart belongs to Córdoba”, says Charly Epps. This is how we began talking to this Golf Teacher who came really close to Ángel Cabrera, and who taught him more than golf techniques. He became like a father to Augusta’s winner.
“I started working with Cabrera in March 2207. He came to Houston to play Golf and it was then when we first talked. I knew about his talent and I thought I could help him with my simple way of teaching and my 25-year experience with great golf coaches. This is how our friendship began, little by little, among chats and driving techniques. Cabrera began to trust me which is crucial for a golf player. He won US Open in the next few months and that is how we sealed our first stage. From that great victory, Cabrera started to work professionally in every sense. Although we had our ups and downs, we were able to move on little by little", he explains.
“At first Ángel Cabrera was not convinced that he had a great potential. He realized he was a great golf player in time. His life was tough, he grew up with no family and it was hard for him to get everything he wanted. Nowadays he is a grown up man and he believes, day after day, that he is one of the best golf players in the world", says Epps.
“Early this year we focused on Masters Tournament. He wanted to win that tournament but he did not realize he was able to do so. We spent many lunches talking about this. That is why he won the tournament. My job was also trying to convince him that he was doing well and that he had great chances to achieve his goals. Now he is working with the same enthusiasm but his ideas are much stronger. He is a lot more self confident now", he says.
His words show that he is very attached to Cabrera, and to Villa Allende and its people. He will be back in Cordoba by the end of the year, with his firm idea of opening an institution to teach golf.
Epps is a well-known golf teacher, graduated from Houston University. He has been teaching for more than 25 years. He ranks among the best in the world. He worked with Billy Harmond, another world class golf teacher. Member of Golf Digest teaching staff, Epps will come to Córdoba to continue sharing his experience.

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